I love a bit of cheese, and Eurovision is full of it. I’m sat here trying to hit an easy part of my novel to write, listening to the er- questionable talent of the various countries. Of course, the UK is one of the best *cough* I suppose.

I wonder why they do this every year, I mean they could make it like the Olympics and do it every quarter of the year. But then again I don’t think I could survive without the excitement and the outrage that ensues every year that we don’t win.

As we all know the voting is rigged, so that the country that wants to or more importantly can afford to win and of course it’s all about alliances. But before we even get started on this, shall we go back to the writing?

I’m on 15,000 words, and I won’t say that getting here was easy but it’s getting really hard to keep going. This novel really is sucking all my creativity away. What am I going to be like when I get to redrafting? WHO KNOWS. I’m trying to get through this dry patch of life, my personal opinion, is that because of how depressing my character’s situation is I’m reflecting it. I can feel the anger of one of my characters building inside of me. SCARY.

Who knows I might turn into a psycho overnight. If it would help me write, BRING IT ON.

Please someone help me.
Break my writer’s lack of motivation for me!



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