Beautiful Creatures series… The Twilight hype all over?


So after last nights success of going to bed early (see previous post) I finally finished this series, and God am I glad. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. It was genuinely like another Twilight fiasco AGAIN. Except this time it was the guy who was all broody and pathetic.

Well they fought for the whole first book to be together after having a weird psycho connection during the months after his mother’s death. Then in the second book they fight to be apart. Third book, all this weird stuff happens and they can’t be together. The fourth book is just plain weird.

I know great synopsis, but then I can’t give anything away!

You have the constant broodiness and the romance story of two people who believe they should be together, in a world where everyone else believes otherwise. It’s a formula for another ‘Twilight hype’, the up and down of the series mirrored that of Twilight, it was definitely like reading Twilight with witches.

I finished the series to see whether or not it got better, but as far as I could see there was always something for them to whine about and by the end, I was happy to see the end.


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