Is low. I have hardly written anything, and my internet connection is feeling the burn!

I’m nearly at 20,000 words and I think the problem is that I have no idea where I’m going next. I know what I want for the ending, and how I want Ivy (my main character) to get there, but the word count is freaking me out a little, I don’t know if I have enough story to fill a novel. It’s a horrible predicament.

I guess I’ll have to keep writing, and see whether or not I fill my word count. Fingers crossed. I know most of my friends dread the redrafting process, but I’m desperate to reach that stage. Maybe it’s because I know my writing isn’t up to scratch.

Ah well, back to the grindstone!


2 thoughts on “productivity

  1. I’m only about 12k words ahead of you and similar thoughts have occured to me.

    The best way for me is to always plan where it’s going before I save and shut down. That way I have motivation to sit down and just write with no need to worry about direction of the story.

    Don’t think about the word count too much.

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