disgusting behaviour


As the world is aware by now a young soldier was killed violently and horrifically yesterday. By two men shouting about Allah and other Muslim beliefs, one of them even stood to a camera trying to justify why they would do something so heinous. I offer my complete sympathy to the family and friends of this soldiers.

However just because two men shouting about Muslim beliefs committed something so awful, does not mean that the whole of the Muslim community should be deported as many on social networks are now calling for. I personally believe that people should be judged by their single actions and that only. Do we forget that the Ku Klux Klan were devout Christians, they burnt people inside their houses on a daily basis? Does that mean that every Christian person should be condemned for actions of a few?

I think the way forward would be to try and move forward, watching the footage and reading all the information, I am sickened, but I’m not going to let ‘terrorism’ beat me, and force me to change my life.

But I want the world to change. Islam is a peaceful religion, and it’s time that instead of denouncing the actions, that the community step up and make a change within instead of waiting for outsiders to change it for them.

Like I said, my sympathies are with the family and friends, but we have to stop all the racist hate, and labeling a whole religion based on two people.


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