last day!


Well not really. It’s my last day before I get a day off, which I hope is going to be excitingly productive. I think I’m going to put my wages to good use and join a gym. Something I have wanted to do in a while. The gym I want to go to is the one round the corner from work, so it’s handy! Maybe I’ll incorporate my getting fit regime into my writing blog.

Writing is not going as well. I have almost finished that piece about Lennie and the rabbits, but it’s not perfect. I’ll be posting it, either tonight or tomorrow. How exciting, my first real piece of fiction on my blog, makes me wanna cry. My novel is gathering dust, when really it should be gathering momentum, but no, I have no time or energy, I come home from work with aching feet, jump in the bath, and then eat, get into bed, and sleep. Sad I know, at twenty I have the social life of a grandmother, in fact I think anyone’s grandmother would have a better social life than me.

So my writing is confined to two days. Not a lot of time to convince myself to be productive, especially how there is so much more I want to do OUTSIDE, and can’t be bothered to lug a notebook with me – LAZZZYYY! Maybe when I join the gym, I’ll be able to write there or at least afterwards.

Going to run – the working life calls.


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