I think that as a writer I put way too much pressure on myself, it becomes a major problem when that’s all I can think about. It’s a bit of a nightmare, especially with my third year of uni coming up and the sheer amount of work that I’m going to have to do to even complete the year. I have started with my dissertation, I’m quite proud of myself in that aspect, especially seeing as it would have been the easy way to redraft my novel. This way it’s something fresh and new. The only problem is trying to find the time and the imagination to come up with ideas for all my other modules, it’s hard though because we haven’t had any lectures or any of the requirements, plus my brain is becoming increasingly lazy at ideas.

I think one of the major problems, for me is the pressure. I am so intent on making sure I’m the best that I can be that I actually restrict myself and my writing by over thinking and being to clinical. I really struggle with knowing when my work is finished, it’s never good enough, and I sit there perplexed by what I could change to make it better. That’s why I’m so glad I can use all of the writers at uni to see the flaws that are probably blatant, but out of love I ignore.

I’m really excited though, I’m going to try and structure my days accordingly. I’m gonna do gym and writing and me time, I’m hoping that having a more structured day might help me creatively. I know odd, restrict myself to try and get the juices flowing but I’ve tried the whole sitting around all day writing, and it just doesn’t work for me, so maybe this will.

I’ll keep you updated, as always!


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