worst blogger in the world.


It has been two months since I last wrote. I am officially the worst blogger in the world. I don’t even have a decent enough excuse apart from the fact I have completely been laid down with university work – which I almost have a draft for each decade – if you want to see a draft please comment or like this post – anything over five and I’ll post one of the stories!

I am officially over in the UK again and moved into my student accommodation which is the same as last year. I have missed it and although I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend, I’m excited to start my final year and begin to look at my new life. I will be deciding on what I want to do and where I want to live, also I’ll be going through the joys of graduation. Which is scary but I will have all my friends by my side going through it with me. I have already made the decision that I will not be returning to the Isle of Man, and that I am determined to make a life for myself over here!

I don’t really think that anything else has happened, not to update you on anyway!

Boring life eh?


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