university life.


Everyone expects to be out drinking every night and partying non-stop. Which for some is the case and they spend half their time either drunk or hungover, which is brilliant if you are good at self-motivation. I am not. I have to put time into motivating myself and if I added a hangover onto that then nothing would ever get done! I avoid that scene, preferring to spend my money on a new book, or takeaway and chilling with my friends. That way I can have a brilliant time and at the same time the next day isn’t effected by the fact I can move for being sick.

I maybe looked down upon for being ‘boring’ but the way that I look at it is I am paying all this money out to get a degree and if I’m not studying and learning anything then is it not going to waste? I would prefer to be ‘boring’ and looked down and come out with a decent degree. Because I know in my hearts of hearts that if I partied as much as I want the work that needed to be done would never be done.

To degree or party? That is the question.



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