my friends.


I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They are the ones beside my boyfriend who can make me happy, who can turn my life around. I know that people say that all the time, but I mean it, without my friends my life would be a dark grey space and I wouldn’t know where to turn. As most of you will have deduced my boyfriend lives quite a distance away from me, so he can’t always be there, but my friends always are.

Sitting here in my room, contemplating the fact that I start third year next year it really has hit me that without my friends none of this would have happened. They inspire me daily, and if I’m having a crap day then they’re there the best they can be.

I just wanted to say thank you, and how thankful I am for you all. You support me, and give me a pillar to lean on when I’m not a 100%. You have no idea how much this means.

Thank you guys.


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