If someone gave me a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would I go?


This is so hard to just pick one, so I decided to tell you the three places that it would be narrowed down to;

  1. Australia – I really want to experience Australia and spend some time in the Outback, and at the Red Rock. I also want to go to the Australia Zoo, and see Steve Irwin’s life work for myself.
  2. Japan – I love Japanese culture and the atmosphere that seems to radiate from Tokyo. I would love to experience it for myself and be a part of all the things I love.
  3. US – I have already been, but I would love to go again, get to go to Disney and see the HP world. I would also tour the states, go to NYC and Washington D.C, I think this would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

I NEED MONEY TO DO THIS, if anyone wants to give me a plane ticket to any of these places feel free!


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