memorial for Cory Monteith


I watched this episode this morning I have to say how well it was done. It showed the love that each character/actor had for Finn/Cory, and the line between the two was almost indistinguishable, and I think that made the episode so much more special. I had tears in my eyes watching the actors relive the pain and the hurt of losing Cory all over again.

I have to say that Lea Michele’s performance was astounding and coming from someone with a boyfriend, I could not imagine having that amount of strength and be able to sing like that. Her acting was obviously not acting, and you could see in her face that the pain was real and that she was truly struggling with the fact that he was gone.

They did the fans and themselves the biggest favour by allowing themselves to be honest and open about their pain, they didn’t attempt to sugar coat and they didn’t attempt to make it anything but it was. I think that was appreciated by all of the fans of the show.

I love Glee, and I was saddened to hear Cory’s passing. I will continue to watch Glee, and I truly appreciated the episode and it was the perfect send off for someone who died so young and so tragically, and for someone who was such an influence on the show.

Rest in peace Cory.


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