First NaNoWriMo


So I’ve had to take some time off from blogging which I hated, but I really wanted to give my first NaNoWriMo the best chance that I could. Unfortunately I didn’t win despite giving it my best shot. I got to just over 30,000 words and although it’s short by quite a lot, it is a lot more than I have ever written, especially in 30 days.

So this was just an update on my ‘loss’ at NaNoWriMo and the fact that I am back with a vengeance.


4 thoughts on “First NaNoWriMo

  1. Congrats on getting 30k! I only managed 17k, so you’re 13k up on me 🙂 I’ve always believed that the point of NaNo is primarily to get people writing — so if it got you writing, regardless of how much you wrote, then mission success!

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