The ‘Divergant’ series.


I have to admit that I gave into the craze and the hype and started to read these. I have to say I loved the idea of where I thought they were going, I thought that there was so much potential for the society that was being built within these books. I think that was the one reason I carried on reading, in a desperate hope that for just once a series would fulfill my expectations.

Once again it failed. The romance elements took over and it became just another teenage romance. I mean if it was written well than the romance would have made more sense, but the transition was too fast and there were too many ‘angry’ times where they weren’t talking. I think that if there had been more focus on what the story was actually about and maybe integrated the romance into the storyline as a secondary it would have been pulled off a lot better.

One thing that I would have loved to see more off would be the development of the other characters and more of an interest in their back story and the relationships that they look after and those that they don’t care about. I found that by the time I got to the last book I was forgetting who was who and what their involvement was.

However I am really looking forward to watching the film, the trailer looks amazing and maybe it will do a better job of portraying the inner workings of the society, but the book for me just didn’t cut the mustard as they say.

Have a look at the trailer. –


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