I am trying to get back into writing, and geez is it hard. I opened up my novel file for the first time in what seems like forever and I have found myself looking at the words wondering what the hell I want to write.

Writing after a break from it is a massive pull, and I feel guilty within myself that I wasn’t more on top of it over the Christmas break it seemed that I had an excuse for why I couldn’t write, why I shouldn’t write. I know that this is a vicious circle and it is completely up to me to try and break it. I need to get into the mindset of writing and reading everyday. I want to make it part of my daily routine, something that is slotted in between my other daily activities. In fact I would love my writing to become a massive part of my day instead of something that I have to force.

I’m going to try and set aside at LEAST an hour a day where I commit completely to writing and making sure that I have dedication in my time, and get a decent amount of words down, whether or not they are worthwhile, but I really need to get a handle of these things.



4 thoughts on “writing

  1. I’ve found it fairly motivational to start writing as soon as I wake up. I grab a bowl of cereal and a big glass of water, sit down on the couch, and I’m not allowed to get up for at least an hour — or until I’ve finished my cereal (and I really don’t like cereal, so it takes me a long time to eat, lol [I eat it because it’s good for me =D]). So maybe try that? Early morning writing extravaganza?

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