Insanity workout.


I have decided once again to commit myself to something, but here’s hoping that I will actually do it! I’m going to post my scores of my ‘Fit Test’ not because they are something to be proud off, in fact they are quite the opposite. I want to be completely open about every part of this journey with you, and hopefully the pressure will push me to do it everyday.

Switch kicks – 20

Power jacks – 15

Power knees – 30

Power jumps – 6

Globe jumps – 4

Suicide jumps – 0

Push-up jacks – 0

Low plank – 0

These are not scores that I am proud off, but it is just shows how much I can improve. I want to get fit and healthy however this is me –


6 thoughts on “Insanity workout.

  1. Jen S

    That sloth is so relatable to me. I’ve also been trying to get more exercise. Trying to transform from a sluggish little sloth to a high energy leaping lemur!

      • Jen S

        Oh man. Don’t hurt yourself! I like to start slow by standing up from the couch, stretching my arms over my head and saying “that’s enough for today. Wouldn’t want to pull a hammy.”

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